In preparation for Jay -Z's  Made In America Festival set to kick off August 30, Budweiser is traveling across the country to showcase some of its best homegrown talent. After visiting Seattle, Denver and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul), Made In America heads to St. Louis to talk to one of the city’s biggest names, Nelly.

In the episode the rapper talks about why he chose to stay in his hometown after becoming famous as well as what makes its style of hip-hop so unique."Repping where we was from was a no brainer for us," said Nelly. "Cause everybody else was putting on their cities, their areas and their regions so you know thats what we wanted to do. We felt like the music we had was just as good or better."

Other St. Louis talents that pop up include Nelly’s nephews JGE Retro and underground rappers Tef Poe and Nick Menn (of the Doorway Collective).

Check out Episode 4 of Made In America below.


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