It's just another day in the streets of Cali in "Move4," Nef The Pharoah's latest music video. Featuring a verse and hook from OMB Peezy and Jay Ant, respectively, Nef's latest offering is perfect to vibe out to for the rest of the summer.

DTB provides the ultra-chill, old-school-inspired production as Nef—who's currently on tour—explains how he moves for his son and friends, as well as the doctor who helped revived him after they declared him stillborn. "I prayed to God he moved a mountain and I started shoutin'/Praise dancin' my prayers answered I took chances/Remain solid I didn't crumble I'm still standin'/Kept faith didn't sell my soul they can never brand me/I'm in this shit I'm writin' hits until I win a Grammy/Wonder who I move for, I'm pointin' at my family," Nef spits before Jay Ant comes through with yet another smooth hook. 300 Ent. signee OMB Peezy then follows up with a solid verse of his own as they ride through Venice and go dumb in the city's skate parks in the Rexx Life Vari-directed visual.

The 22-year-old Vallejo, Calif. native continues to grind after The Chang Project dropped earlier this year. Back when it first debuted, Nef told XXL it's "the prelude to the upcoming Big Chang Theory album. I called it the Chang Project because one, Chang is my nickname and two, it’s my alias project. It’s 100% me, 100% Chang. Nobody told me to say this, use these beats, get these features. It’s all music that I wanted to make and to hear. I’d categorize this project as ‘road trip music’ because it flows well from beginning to end. It was created for you to have fun experiences to with friends, riding to wherever you’re going."

A few weeks back, Nef collaborated with Atlanta's own 24hrs on "Create a Wave," and two weeks prior to that he jumped on JL's "Out Da Hood." Watch "Move4" below.

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