Wow, the league wasn't playing around. Apparently, Drake's pitch to Kevin Durant at OVO Fest really irked them to the point that they were prepared to oust him out of the league. Initially, the NBA fined the Raptors $25,000 for Drake's violation. Now, according to The Globe and Mail, the NBA provided the Raptors an opportunity to erase the fine, if they elected to fire Drake from the organization.

"Raptors officials would not comment on the Drake versus NBA situation. They are plainly loath to make their secret war public.They also refused to address a key detail – that the NBA offered to drop the tampering fine if the team agreed to strip Drake of his title. The Raptors apparently refused"

Drake was placed as the Global Ambassador for the Raptors in 2013. Since, the Raptors have rocketed and are considered one of the more entertaining teams in the Eastern Conference.