In the span of about two years, Nav's gone from mostly unknown producer to legit rap star. If being selected to tour with The Weeknd and dropping an album with Metro Boomin (Perfect Timing) weren't enough to convince you of that fact, maybe this will: This past weekend, Nav was spotted hanging out with LeBron James while attending the NBA superstar's son's AAU basketball game. Peep Nav's courtside exploits with LeBron in the video below.

In the clip, we see the referees have just made a call against LeBron James Jr.'s team, and LeBron isn't happy. Neither is Nav, who flips his arms in the air with a convincing disbelief that mirrors LeBron's. While we don't really see the two mingling, it's cool to see that sort of shared disappointment out of support for LeBron James Jr.'s team.

This video doesn't mean LeBron and Nav are friends necessarily, but it'd be strange if he were at an AAU game for a sixth grade AAU team from Ohio. What isn't strange at all is LeBron hanging out with rappers. That's something he's done since the very beginning of his NBA career.

When LeBron's not hanging out with rappers, he's bumping their music and posting clips of unreleased songs onto his social media accounts. He's done it with Drake and Kendrick Lamar so far, so maybe Nav will be next?

Who knows, but for now, it's cool to see them kicking it. Peep them taking in the game for yourself below.

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