Los Angeles Lakers player Lonzo Ball might want to start biting his tongue when it comes to his opinions on hip-hop. After asserting that nobody listens to Nas anymore in an on-camera interview, the 19-year-old is feeling the backlash from all angles of the music industry. First it was T.I. and Lil B who came for Lonzo, now Nas' own manager, Anthony Saleh, is clapping back.

Saleh, a longtime vet in the industry, hopped on Twitter soon after the Lonzo clip went viral and proceeded to drag the rookie athlete for his disrespectful comment.

"Nas has never heard of you and Future thanks you for your support," wrote Saleh, who manages both Esco and Fewtch. "That Oatmeal face nigga thinks he can gain off my guys name before winning a game. I don't care what team you play for. Family first."

Just to recap, Lonzo straight up said, "Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” in the clip during the first episode of his newly released reality TV series, Ball In The Family. To double down on his point, Ball eventually follows it up by saying, “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future.” This comment was met with disdain from fans of the Queens legend and Ball, as expected, has been getting clowned online ever since. T.I. told the young bull he was buggin' ("My Boi u reaching like a muuuufucka!!!") while Lil B threatened to hit Lonzo with the infamous BasedGod curse for disrespecting one of New York's finest.

Check out Saleh's reaction below.

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