Murs returns to SoCal's L.A. River Studios for the second installment of his intimate concert series Where You At? LA. The show picked up right where it left off on July 13, bringing fans interviews, freestyles and live performances to the palms of viewers' hands.

The Boost Mobile powered livestream show, presented by Slacker Radio, kicked off right on time with the first guest of the night, B-Real. Murs opened up the night chopping it up about the good ol' days in hip-hop.

Problem came through next. The duo entertained concertgoers (virtual ones too) by talking about everything from disciplining their children to Problem's involvement in unifying the LAPD with the community. "Practice humanity and respecting each other," he told the audience before jumping into "Ain't Worried" featuring Iamsu.

Odd Future's own Mike G. also got his chance to kick it with the host. Murs had him rep for Crenshaw High and discuss his obsession outside of music. "I love the app, I've been waiting for Pokemon Go my entire life," the "Playboy" rapper revealed. "I am like at 80 [Pokemon] or something."

Time ticking away, the crowd anticipated the next guest. "I got a homeboy who came out here out of the kindness of his heart," Murs said before welcoming DJ Quik to the stage. The convo took a nostalgic turn as Quik reminisced about mixing tracks for Murs, back in his Warner Brothers Record days. Meanwhile, Murs put the crowd on to Quik's cooking skills.

The legend couldn't leave without blessing the fans with a few bars. Quik took it back to 1996, performing his Tony! Toni! Toné! collaboration, "Let's Get Down." Between rapping his bars and singing Raphael Saadiq's lines, Quik was ready to get the party started and invited Ryan Cross & the Jazz Eclectic back on stage for an impromptu live jam session.

It was clear Quik was prepared to close out the show. The iconic MC kept the night rolling with Problem who joined with cuts from their joint EP and upcoming album, Rosecrans.

If you missed the first two shows, Where You At? LA returns with three more: Aug. 17, Sept. 7 and the final show streaming on Sept. 28. The last show, dubbed Bars for Days, will close out with Murs attempting to break the world record for longest freestyle, which currently stands at just over 24 hours. This world record-breaking attempt will be streamed live using Boost Mobile phones and will promote Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Music Streaming. The whole show is also presented by Slacker Radio.

Don't miss out on the next live stream coming Aug. 17 and use the hashtag #WYALA to join the conversation.

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