Sad news is hitting the Houston rap scene as H-town veteran Mr. 3-2 was shot and killed in the city on Friday (Nov. 11).

Investigators are still trying to put the pieces together, but according to ABC 13, the incident happened at a gas station in southwest Houston.

Police say, 3-2 was one of four men who were at the gas station who know each other. After two of the men went inside the store, one of the individuals outside pulled out a handgun and shot the Texas rapper in the back of the head.

According to authorities, the suspect then drove away, only to return and fire a shotgun at a second victim who was hit in the face. Bystanders were also hit by pellets from the blast. "Unfortunately the shotgun blast, not all the pellets hit its intended target and continued past and struck multiple other targets including another witness who was shot in the leg," HPD Sgt. Michael Arrington said.

The suspect then fled the scene in a white or grey sedan, witnesses say.

Mr. 3-2, born Christopher Barriere, was well known on the Texas rap scene as a member of the famed Screwed Up Click. He released one solo album, but was a part of three groups The Convicts, Southside Playaz and Blac Monks under the Rap-A-Lot Records umbrella.

He is famously featured on the classic UGK cut "One Day" off their album Ridin' Dirty. He has also worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG and others.

Snoop took to his Instagram to pay tribute to the slain MC. Posting a picture of the rapper, he captioned the pic, "Rest well. O. G. He the one who told me we don't love dem hoes in 1991. Damn cuz 🙏🏾🌟🌟✨. Convicts. Lord. 32."

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