Having dropped his new album Fire In the Church in May, Montana of 300 reaches back to his 2014 project Cursed with a Blessing and releases the video for his crew love track "Broski Nem"

A shout-out to all his homies, Montana rides a heavy-hitting drill instrumental while speaking on his day ones. Between shots of M3 surrounded by his partners, there's lit concert footage.

Montana's buzz is undeniable and recently led to a meeting with fellow Windy City native Kanye West. "[Kanye] was treating me like I was bigger than him," Montana told XXL of his time spent this with the rap star. "He was asking me what my writing process was like and asking me about things that I do when I write or some of the stuff that I come up with. He was speaking very highly of me. You know when you leave someone and they talk about you after you leave, but you’re not there to witness how they talk about you?"

He continued, "So many famous people came to the studio while we were there, and I got to hear him talk up on me to James Harden or to Russell Simmons. I was there to witness what he had to say about me or his perception of me. I almost wanted to record that shit, you know. He was blown away by my music and said, “I’ve never heard that many cold ass bars in one song in my life.” That was the first thing where I was like, Wow, he just said that shit."

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