Top Dawg Entertainment's own MixedByAli can breathe easy. On Wednesday (Dec. 20), Hawthorne, Calif. police located and recovered the ace producer's stolen hard drive, which had been taken from his BMW while he was at Equinox gym on Rosecrans Avenue on Dec. 7. The hard drive contained more than $1 million worth of original music that was stolen

Hawthorne police tell the Los Angeles Daily News, 23-year-old Los Angeles resident Jonjairo Espinoza left his fingerprint on the handle of Ali's car door and that's how they were able to pinpoint his identity. A second man wanted for the crime is still on the loose.

“Basically these guys are serial car burglars,” explained Hawthorne police Lieutenant James Royer "They prey upon victims who leave items viewable from the outside.” Royer adds, “We found gift cards, video recorders, Luis Vuitton bags, golf clubs. We are up to 14 different victims.” On Thursday, Espinoza heads to a downtown Los Angeles court after being charged with eight counts of burglary.

LT. Royer notes that, although Ali is "very, very happy" his hard drive's been recovered, another copy of it is still missing. Fortunately, it's encrypted, so anyone trying to access its files is out of luck.

In case you didn't know, MixedByAli's been behind the boards at TDE for years now and he played a key role in producing Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly. That album won a Grammy in 2016.

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