Some people heed their calling when it comes knocking; some head in the other direction. Mir Fontane, the 26-year-old Camden, N.J. rapper decided long ago that he had to use his music to spread a message of hope, while also shining a light on the reality of the inner city.

"There's so much talent, so many people that have the same ambition to get out of the city, they just don't have the means," he tells XXL. "They don't see anybody who's ever done it. So, at one point I made the decision to be the role model I never had."

With solid bars and a creative flair featured on projects like Camden and Macaroni Tony, Mir's latest release, Who's Watching the Kids 2, finds him connecting with his supporters once more. "I knew I could touch a lot of people through music," he explains.

The East Coast rhymer brings his rhymes and his talent to XXL to freestyle for our What I Do series. Early on in his freestyle, Mir lays plain the juxtaposition of growing up in a dangerous city while still being raised properly. "Come from the city full of lions and the vultures/Gunpowder in the morning wake you up, it's like it's Folgers," he spits. "Still grew up with manners though, putting drinks on the coasters/Meanwhile I'm in the room playing card games with the roaches, UNO."

His freestyle is even more proof that this truly is Mir's calling. A listen to his new project, Who's Watching the Kids 2, further cements his place in the game. Mir chose to take a metaphorical route with this one. "The focus this time around, it kinda changed since it took so long to make it," he says. "It turned out to be what it is now, which is pretty much like taking newspaper articles and creating a collage on the wall, sonically." A well-thought explanation for a personal project.

Catch Mir Fontane's freestyle up top.

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