If you didn't know any better you would think Gucci Mane never went to jail by the amount of music and promotion the East Atlanta rapper's team has been able to come up with in order to maintain La Flare's presence in the streets. In the latest effort to keep King Guwop's name alive, frequent collaborating producer Mike Will Made-It has come up with a new plan. The platinum selling beat maker is trapping "Free Gucci" ugly Christmas sweaters.

The sweaters recently went on sale via Mike Will's Ear Drummers merch site. Coming in black and red, the sweaters have an image of the ice-cream cone tatted rapper rocking a Santa Clause hat. The asking price is $40.

If these gain anywhere near the popularity of 2 Chianz's Dabbing Santa ugly Christmas sweaters it will be a win for the Atlanta super producer. 2 Chainz sweaters have taken over as the UCS of choice for 2015 as Tity utilized the mass popularity of A-town's Dabbing dance.

Gucci Mane might be free sooner than we think. He recently revealed he should be getting out in the near future in a somewhat cryptic Instagram post earlier in the week, urging people to start booking him for shows now. "Get out sooner than later hurry n catch the wave," he wrote.

The rapper also revealed his latest mixtape East Atlanta Santa 2 will be dropping on Dec. 22.

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