Building off the momentum of his The New Museum EP, released in April, Mickey Factz has returned to drop off yet another project titled I Said Yo. 

Releasing the project on his birthday, July 13, I Said Yo is akin to the XXL Freshmen alumnus famed Y series as he flexes his lyrical prowess. Over the course of 12 tracks, Mickey draws inspiration from the template of his own life to cleverly weave stories based around love, racial profiling and personal religious experiences.

On the opening track "Shown," the Bronx-bred rapper puts his lyricism on full display as he adds his own touch to a reworked version of Jay-Z's 2006 effort "Show Me What You Got." "Look dear, I was molded out of canvas/No antlers/Too suave to flake without dandruff/For 50 cash,you get taken for granted/So, keep it a G it's only mad men that I band with," he spits aggressively.

While the majority of I Said Yo is handled by Mickey, the project also features the crooning of funk artist Shareef Keyes. This effort follows a series of recent releases from the rapper including the nostalgic track "Get It", in which Mickey explores his humble beginnings.

Check out the tracklist and press play on Mickey Factz's I Said Yo below.

Mickey Factz's I Said Yo Tracklist 

1. "Shown"
2. "Yo!"
3. "Survival"
4. "Spirits"
5. "Pentagons"
6. "Mau2e"
7. "Finessed"
8. "Hopeful"
9. "Thankful" featuring Shareef Keyes
10. "Drinking" featuring Shareef Keyes
11. "Blue" featuring Shareef Keyes
12. "Society"

Museum Mick
Museum Mick

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