Lil Xan fell victim to actor and notorious trash-talker Michael Rapaport's latest rant on social media on Wednesday evening (March 7). Rap called the 21-year-old a "cornball no talent having motherfucker" and demanded an apology from the Total Xanarchy rapper for his lack of interest in Tupac's music, which he revealed on an episode of RevoltTV's Clout 9 series. 

Rapaport posted the rant to Instagram. "Little buck tooth, rabbit face muthafucka. You need to apologize, alright? And you don't need to apologize to Tupac or Tupac's fans. You need to apologize to whoever the fuck raised you, or didn't raise you, for raising you to be a dumb fuck. You don't get to speak on anything that has to do with hip-hop," the 47-year-old explained while walking around outside.

On Monday (March 5), the "Betrayed" artist voiced his displeasure on Twitter over the backlash he received from ranking Tupac's music a two on a scale of one to 10 in a clip released by RevoltTV. "No More Interviews," Xan wrote.

Once Waka Flocka got wind of Lil Xan's comments he also fired off a Twitter rant of his own defending Tupac and banning Diego from rap, "Lil Xan Banned From Hip-Hop," Waka posted Tuesday night (March 6).

"Pac help me get thru childhood!!! Shit hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally... I hope nobody overlook me accomplishments when I leave," the Flockaveli artist continued in a series of tweets.

Check out Michael Rapaport's rant in its entirety below.

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