Machine Gun Kelly has drawn wide praise for his high energy, spontaneous live shows. That riotous rep undercut a scheduled performance in New York City this weekend, though.

MGK was slated to perform at the Highline Ballroom in New York City as part of a Hostile Takeover Tour stop with Tech N9ne, but was banned by the New York Police Department. "PSA: just received word that NYPD has banned me from tomorrow's show at Highline Ballroom. I've wrongfully stereotyped based on some bullshit 'he say-she say'!" the Cleveland rapper said in a statement over the weekend. "Tired of being judged for false sh*t! I rap my ass off, I leave my heart on the stage and I'm fueled by the love for my fans! I will be back to give my NY fans the show you deserve!"

Kells was less than happy, particularly with the fact that his fans would not be awarded refunds for their tickets. "There are kids who are spending their last amount of dollars [to buy a ticket to come see my show]," he told Complex. "They are waiters and waitresses, you know, minimum wage working kids that are spending their last money to come see one of their idols. This is the second time it has happened on this tour, and it’s because of this same stereotype that I’ve been put under. I’m more lost for words. I feel like a victim."

He also acknowledged that, in addition to the way he may be viewed for his live antics, the recent NYC incident that left Chris Brown with a cut on his face may have played a factor. “My shows are always dangerous, but in a fun way," he continued. "That’s what I’m infamous for. But I think [the Chris Brown and Drake fight] on top of my image definitely affected [me being able to perform at] this show."

Instead of performing, the 2012 XXL Freshman hit Daddy's House studio and recorded a freestyle for his fans. "Since the NYPD banned us from the show tonight—this was a show me and my fans were all looking forward to—this was our chance to kind of shut all the critics up, because you know the whole industry comes out to a show in NY," he said at the beginning of the video. "So no matter what, muthafucka, we're always gonna give the fans something, so I figured we'll give 'em this."

MGK will be dropping his debut album Lace Up later this year. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)