Meyhem Lauren takes time off from eating the finest cuisine on Fuck, That's Delicious to drop his Fool's Gold debut, Piatto d'Oro. The Queens native, who dropped his last project Silk Pyramids in 2014, enlists a familiar cast of characters including Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, Roc Marciano, plus production from Seth Silencer, DJ Muggs, Large Professor, The Alchemist and more. For fans of gritty beats and New York-centric rhymes, Meyhem has the right recipe to get you through the summer.

Piatto d'Oro translates to "plate of gold" in Italian and Laurenovich told Complex that the title comes from one of his favorite New York City eateries.

"Piatto d’Oro is the name of an Italian restaurant I’ve been eating at for years," said the Polo enthusiast. "This restaurant—I believe it’s on 118th and 1st—is just an old Italian restaurant that has great food. I don’t eat red meat anymore but they have something called the "tennis racquet" that’s a piece of veal that they beat and fan out and leave on the bone, and it literally looks like a tennis racket on your plate. They bring that out with bruschetta, tomatoes right in the middle."

Meyhem's role in Fuck, That’s Delicious has shown that he has the crossover appeal to as an on-camera personality. The rapper is getting his own series called “Got the Fever TV,” which will be featured on Juxtapoz Magazine. Meyhem will take a look at New York City’s graffiti underworld and interview some of the world’s most well known and notorious street artists. “‘Got the Fever TV’ is about to hit y’all in the head,” said the rapper. “Real shit, real interviews, real life graf.”

Lauren will be rocking on SiriusXM's Shade 45 channel at 2 p.m. EST today (May 3) for a Piatto d'Oro track-by-track breakdown.

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