Meyhem Lauren has long been an underground rap staple, and DJ Muggs is a hip-hop veteran and a core member of Cypress Hill. The two teaming up is a perfect union; now they have a new video for the song "Redrum," off of their 2017 collab album Gems from the Equinox.

The Infamous Oz-directed visual is dark, featuring shots of Meyhem Lauren and the rest of his crew rapping under a New York City bridge. The video also features a few funny intermissions, including one where Meyhem Lauren throws his dirty sneakers into the river to show he doesn't need them. All in all, it's a few friends having fun, lead by Meyhem's bars.

Over a sample-driven beat, Meyhem Lauren makes quick work of all who oppose him. "Fuck these bitch niggas, some gotta die, it's all basic/One shot'll take a man out, it's not wasted," he spits, kicking his first verse off. He then raps "Niggas act crazy, and niggas gotta go/Shoot 'em in the face, leave 'em six feet below" in the next two bars, which accurately sets the tone for the rest of the song.

Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs have dropped multiple videos from Gems from the Equinox, which they released last October. Amongst them is "Murder Rap," which uses angles reminiscent of an old Beastie Boys video and "Camel Crush," where the duo rides through the city, making quiet business moves.

Check out Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs "Redrum" video below.

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