There's a certain sense of pride that comes with being an artist from New York City. Enter Melii, the Harlem rapper and singer who's just as convincing singing about the highs of love as she is getting bars off about being self-confident. Using her ability to seamlessly fit Spanish into her lyrics and stand out with a unique style and bubbly personality that's all her own, 2019 has been a great year for Melii. She's hit the road with singer Summer Walker for the First and Last Tour and dropped her seven-track EP, Motions, in October. Melii clearly has momentum on her side. Get to know more about this New York artist in the latest episode of XXL's Who Am I? series.

When asked what song is she most proud of, Melii chooses one of the singles from Phases, a project she released earlier this year. "I'm most proud of See Me," she says. "A lotta girls actually come up to me and be like, 'I listen to 'See Me',' and I feel like it helps with breakups." Making music that helps women feel good about themselves is vital to her vision: "I always wanted to have a song that helps with building a girl back up after a heartbroken period of time."

Speaking of knowing how to relate to your fans, a supporter at a show in Connecticut approached Melii to share how the rising artist inspires her. "There was this one girl in Connecticut and she reached out to me in the parking lot," Melii explains. "She'll listen to my music, but she was inspired by all my interviews. She had her own problems at home." It's bigger than beats and rhymes; sometimes the things you say outside of the booth make just impact as a song. "For some reason, I just connected to her that night," Melii adds.

The 22-year-old rapper also gives the scoop about some of her forthcoming music with one of her good friends and frequent collaborators. "Tory [Lanez] and I are doing a joint project where we're gonna be tackling different genres of music," Melii reveals, discussing a project that will balance both of their styles. "He does different types and I can do it, too, so we're gonna put it into one tape." In addition to that, she has more rap songs with Tory on the way; a successful 2019 isn't enough, they both want to shine next year, too. Earlier this year, Melii announced that she signed to Tory's One Umbrella imprint.

Watch the rest of Melii's Who Am I? interview below, in which she shares her favorite cartoons, what she does for fun and more.

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