Two weeks out from the release of his latest album, Which Way Iz West, Compton legend MC Eiht returns with "Got That," a hard-hitting, Brenk Sinatra-produced track featuring some vocals from the legendary DJ Premier.

On "Got That," Eiht aims to let fans know he still stands for the things he did when he first jumped into the rap game over two decades. With the retro back-and-forth, call-and-respond setup of Eiht and Preemo's joint hook, the retro vibes of "Got That" abound.

"You repping the hood, Eiht?/Got that/You smoking that good, Eiht?/Got that/You repping the West, Eiht?/Got that, leave to your nigga to bring the streets back," goes the hook, with Preemo asking Eiht the questions, and Eiht giving his emphatic response.

Eiht, who recently unveiled a new visual for his Which Way Iz West single, "Compton Zoo,"  says this "Got That" is for the rap purists of the world.

“This is one of those fierce '100 Miles And Running' tracks,” Eiht tells XXL about the vibe of his new track. “The direction was to focus on what I felt was needed, which is delivery and wordplay. Preem felt the hook, so he added his vocals. I know rap heads want BARS, this is straight flavor.”

DJ Premier had planned on putting his signature scratches onto the record, but opted to throw on his own vocals instead. Now, he's glad he opted for the latter.

“I’ve loved this track ever since the rough draft” Preemo tells us. “When I was mixing the song down, Eiht kept saying 'Got That' after the verses and I was going to put some scratches on it. I’m sitting at the board, saying the three lines to myself because I felt like it would fit in the blanks. I decided to go in the booth to record it and see if it would blend with the song. I’m not a fan of my own voice so I sent it back to Eiht for approval and his replay was literally GEAH.”

Which Way Iz West, which is executive-produced by Preemo, is all set to drop on June 30. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

Check out "Got That" just below.

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