¡Mayday! take to the skies for "Airplane Mode," the first single off their forthcoming album, Search Party. Breezy, laid back and relatable, "Airplane Mode" is about the need to get high and be alone with your thoughts.

The music video for "Airplane Mode" sees the Strange Music hip-hop collective flying high in the skies as they try to avoid the pitfalls of the industry. A gold digger, stylist, groupie, sleazy record executive and Hollywood agent all board the group's plane before its untimely crash. Luckily, the group walks away unscathed by the video's end.

"Fly high by myself/I just wanna be alone/Get high by myself/I put myself on airplane mode," sings Wrekonize over The Pushers-produced beat. "Airplane Mode" is the perfect song for the winding down of summer and the slow creeping cold weather of the fall.

In a 2013 interview with XXL, ¡Mayday! described what it was like signing to Strange Music. "When you are putting something out on Strange Music, it’s a label filled with elite lyricists," stated Wrekonize. "You gotta know as MCs when you sign to Strange and you are putting something out, you gotta come with it.”

"Airplane Mode" isn't the only visual Bernz and Wrekonize dropped this month. In early August, ¡Mayday! released the visuals for "Do," which sees the artists relaxing and kicking back at a party. The Strange Music artists are also on a headlining tour and supporting their label mate Murs as the collaborative group ¡MURSDAY! at the Paid Dues festival Sept. 16 and 17 at Pershing Square Park in Los Angeles.

Search Party is set to drop on Sept. 8. It will be ¡Mayday!'s fourth album on Strange Music.

Watch the video for "Airplane Mode" below.

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