$uicideboy$ link up with Houston upstart Maxo Kream for "Pictures," a head-splitting, thunderous lyrical flex. $lick, Ruby Da Cherry and Maxo go off on their respected verses.

"Posted with the blunt and I don't need to take no fuckin' pictures/Fuckin' wit yo bitch she keep on sendin' me all type of pictures/Been a duck/Jukin' and dodgin' all these unzipped zippers/I don't trust no hoe/Screenshots posted when I'm scrollin Insta," Ruby raps.

Maxo comes in for the final verse and smashes it, "You steady postin' with that burner/You ain't shoot shit/You just takin' pictures/44 nickel hit ya/Hollow split ya/T-shirt with your picture/Activist come get your issue/Blow like tissue."

The duo from New Orleans have been tearing up the underground hip-hop scene for the last few years. 2017 looks to be a monster year for SuicideBoys' $lick and Ruby. Their most recent song, “You’re Now Tuning in to 66.6 FM with DJ Rapture (The Hottest Hour of the Evening),” which premiered on XXL a few weeks ago, hit a million plays in under a week. We spoke to the $uicideboy$ for The Break about their goals in music and how their journey to where they are now began.

As for Maxo, he's gearing up to have a busy year. XXL spoke to him earlier this year about his upcoming projects and he revealed that he wants to drop his debut album and at least two EPs, including one with Sacramento rapper Mozzy.

Listen to "Pictures" below.

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