Maxo Kream's January album Punken is one of the year's best debuts, so it's only right that he continues dropping videos from the project. The Houston rapper let loose another one on Monday (June 11) in the Lonewolf-directed "Pop Another."

Set alternately in a forest and a convertible Rolls Royce coupe, the visuals splice together footage of Maxo rapping and slow-cruising, various trees and Lonewolf's trademark handrawn portraits and doodles, animated to psychedelic effect. The woozy collage style is effective for a song infatuated with intoxicants.

"G37 I feel xantastic/Glock 27 do a drill with the plastic/Young Prodigy, Mobb Deep, cause Havoc/Sellin' broccoli, vacuum sealed up the package," Maxo raps. "Hail Mary play with the K, John Madden/Tre pound waist, no case, what happened?/Southwest murder block, Crip what's craccin'?/Pimp a hoe, kick a do', trappin' and jackin'/Trappin', no cappin', rappin' and stackin'," he effortlessly rhymes.

In the process of promoting Punken, Maxo previously dropped videos for the songs "Grannies," "Bussdown" and, most recently, "Go." He also toured in March and April in support of the project, to some controversy. At one show, security poured water on a woman in the audience and snatched her wig, ultimately leading Maxo to personally apologize to the fan on Facetime. Thankfully, the two hashed it out.

Check out Maxo's "Pop Another" video below.

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