Max B might be locked up, but that hasn't stopped he and French Montana from planning for the very near future. Last week, Funkmaster Flex interviewed Max over the phone and aired the interview on Hot 97 yesterday (April 24). During their conversation, it was revealed Max and French have a collab with The Weeknd on the way.

According to Frenchie, the track will be produced by Harry Fraud and is set to be released in the last week of May. Could that mean that date will coincide with Max B's release from prison? We'll have to see.

For a long while—a little over seven years—it looked as if Max B would never be getting out of prison. He was sentenced to 75 years after being found guilty of murder conspiracy and robbery charges almost eight years ago, but back in September most of the charges were dropped and it was announced that he'd be coming home in two-to-six years instead.

Since then, French Montana has discussed the idea of starting a record label with his partner in rhyme. “The earliest he can be out is two years; the latest is six to seven,” he explained in an interview last October.

He continued, “They reduced his 75 years to two years. [When he gets out] I think me and him are going to partner up with our own label. He’s the illest when it comes to names, so I’m waiting for him [to choose a name for the label]. That’s the Silver Surfer.”

There's no definitive word on when Max B will be back home, but we hope it's sooner rather than later. You can listen to Max B and French Montana's conversation with Funkmaster Flex in the video below. French's collaboration reveal comes in at around the 1:18 mark.

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