Nearly two years ago, a 12-year-old Matt Ox hit the scene with “Overwhelming,” a youthful video for his song that transformed the rapper into a fidget spinner-clutching viral phenomenon. Now 14, he's since traded in the fidget spinners for diamonds and luxury designer wear. However, Matt still retains that playful spirit. That’s a point that comes across in the latest edition of XXL’s ABCs, a franchise where rappers name the very first thing that comes to mind when faced with a letter of the alphabet.

For his version, Matt lets loose a collection of colorful references to fashion, cartoons and his own mom as he works his way through all 26 letters. The impression we're left with is a kid who loves his VLone but still watches The Incredibles while eating a whole box of pizza rolls.

After naming a road in his city, Matt goes into an exhibition of flat-out materialism. "B, Balenciaga. C, Comme des Garçon. D, droptop. E., Eliantte," he says, referring to the famous celebrity jeweler. "I'ma probably get my next chain done by him."

From the letter E on, Matt continues switching between eighth grader and flex-driven rapper. "F., Frozone—bro with the glasses from The Incredibles,"  says at another point of the video. When he gets to G he mentions a giraffe, and for J, he mentions jelly. "I like peanut butter and jelly," he adds.

Elsewhere in the video, the rapper gives a shout-out to the late XXXTentacion, with whom he collaborated on "$$$," off the late rapper's ? album. "That's my boy," he shares. "I worked with him on his second album, the last album he released."

Known primarily for his breakout single, Matt Ox, who is signed to Motown Records last year, is now trying to establish himself as a viable rap force in his own right, and a part of that journey has led him to collaborating with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert and Valee. He linked up with the latter artist on his debut album, Ox.

Like other rappers who've come of age over the last few years, Matt employs a melodic sound—though he'd say he's got his own style.

"The music that's out, they try to compare me to Lil Baby type stuff—faster pace," he says when asked about the people he's heard his sound compared to.

With talent, a strong squad and a wish for all the designer he can cop, Matt Ox is looking toward making a killing in 2019. Here's to that.

Watch Matt Ox's ABCs for yourself up top.

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