Trends come and go, and empires rise and fall, but ride or die love songs are forever and so apparently is Master P's love for the special lady he raps about in "If," a summer-ready jam from his forthcoming Intelligent Hoodlum album.

Featuring a mellow Black N Mild-produced instrumental, the Auto-Tune-laced vocal stylings of Romeo and straight from the heart lyrics from Master P, it's a track you'll surely find yourself repeating more than once. As a whole, the track has sort of a vibe recalling 50 Cent's "21 Questions," and we definitely dig it.

"I hope you never change girl/Might you a ring girl/If I lose this change girl/Would you still be my main girl," Master P raps in the first of the hook. "If I ain't have this drop here would you still ride around/If the paper get low is you gon' still hold me down/If I ever go to jail would you ever come visit/If they lie on me on social media is you still gon' mess with me," P raps.

The video itself helps make for an entertaining experience as well. In the visual, which was directed by AJ Colors, we see the No Limit boss chilling with a gorgeous model—his video bae, so to speak—as they sit in the sun without a care in the world. Interspersed with clips of Romeo and boys dancing, the video isn't a static one.

Watch the new visual for yourself below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the Ice Cream Man and his resurgent No Limit movement.

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