After dropping his scathing Cam'ron diss in November, Ma$e is back with his latest track, "Rap Rushmore."

While the Harlem rapper's new track says it features Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled, "Rap Rushmore" is actually three minutes of Ma$e spitting with some Puffy and Khaled ad-libs sprinkled in.

"I'm Rap Rushmore/Feel like I should bust more/They lust more, I bust more/Give me brain, plus jaw," he raps on the track. "I'm the rules/I'm the juice/I'm the face/I'm the safe/I'm the reason niggas poppin'/I'm the reason bitches blockin'/I'm the reason niggas shopping 20K."

Ma$e's latest track arrives after the rapper came for Cam'ron on "The Oracle." While the song featured a number of jabs at the Dipset rapper, including calling him a snitch, there appeared to be no bad blood between the two. After Cam dropped his response track, "Dinner Time," Ma$e wrote on Cam's Instagram page, "YOU STILL MY BROTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE... This was just for bragging rights."

Cam responded to Ma$e's comment, writing, "@rsvpmase yea this was fun.. u still my bro too. Glad I get to brag lol. So when u leaving Harlem again? 2mr?"

But with their beef seemingly squashed, there isn't peace between these two. Ma$e says he still came out on top, telling Hot 97, "That will be a W for me and an L for him." The rapper also revealed, "We're not cool. I shook his hand cause I won. That's it. As a man, that's what you do after you win unanimously."

Listen to Ma$e's "Rap Rushmore" below.


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