Welp. After holding a bunch of unreleased Wu-Tang Clan music hostage, it now appears Martin Shkreli is in possession of Lil Wayne's highly anticipated album, Tha Carter 5.

Shkreli, a pharmaceutical executive best known for raising prices on drugs for infectious diseases, went on Periscope today (Dec. 23) to announce that he bought Tha Carter 5. He also previewed one of the tracks. He previously hinted at a huge rap release in a series of tweets, which you can view above.

"Am I about to buy another legendary rap album no one has? Yes, why yes, I am," he tweeted. "My new rap purchase, which may go through today, makes the Wu Tang purchase look like peanuts."

For the first few minutes on Periscope, Shkreli asks his viewers to guess the album. People throw out names like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Dr. Dre and more.

Eventually, at the 4:33-mark, Shkreli says, "This is a track from an album called Tha Carter 5 by Lil Wayne." Then, he proceeds to preview a new Weezy track, which, apparently, will appear on C5.

The most interesting bit of news comes when Shkreli announces that C5 is a double-disc album. That should make Tunechi fans happy -- assuming the project actually drops at some point.

Shkreli wouldn't say who he obtained the album from, and he wouldn't say how much he paid for it. It's also unclear whether Shkreli plans to leak Tha Carter 5. At the 5:32-mark of the Periscope feed, Shkreli says, "Should I release it to the public? Birdman might kill me."

Watch Martin Shkreli reveal his big rap purchase below.

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