Marqus Clae isn't here for the negativity that thrives in the comments section, so he spends the duration of a self-titled song and video he's dropping today (Jan. 17). XXL's got the premiere.

The rapper returns with a brand new visual for his new self-titled song "Marqus Clae." As the mellow instrumental opens his new banger, Clae keeps it real by shooting down haters he sees commenting about him on social media.

"It's funny how they tried to cage me up/I broke out and started blazing up," Clae spits at the beginning of his verse. "Peeping every single comment on XXL flamed as fuck/Like damn they throwing shade as fuck."

In the video, which is directed by Clae and Tru Films, the P.T.S.D rapper takes a page out of XXL's playbook and paints his bars behind him to help him fully express everything that's weighing him down.

"The inspiration for the video was get straight to the point," Clae told XXL about the video. "You can see my lyrics appear behind me as if I’m painting a picture almost. Expressing everything on my heart. Even the comments on you guys Instagram page lol."

After dropping off a few singles and freestyles last year, Clae is more than ready to tackle the new year with fresh new music. The Clae Chronicles rapper also plans to continue his acting career after appearing in 2017's Fox series Shots Fired and this year's Marvel series Cloak & Dagger on ABC.

"What’s up next for me is more music, TV and continuing creating my legacy," Clae says. "Stay tuned!"

Watch Marqus Clae's brand new video for his self-titled song below.

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