In addition to warning NBA players about gold diggers during NBA All Star festivities in NOLA, Mannie Fresh also shed light on the upcoming Big Tymers album over the weekend. The Cash Money OG confirmed that him and Birdman have frequently kept in contact in regards to the Big Tymers reunion album, but both parties haven't worked out "facts and figures" just yet.

"We just trying to lay down a plan for it, a blueprint and we'll see what happens from there," Mannie said  in an interview with MTV News. He continued, "That's where we at right now. Facts and figures. We just trying to lay down a plan for it, a blueprint and we'll see what happens from there."

Fresh and Baby had a famous falling out stemming from past unfulfilled financial promises, so this time around, the legendary beat-maker doesn't plan on working on any new infectious drum patterns until the business matters are set in stone. "We just talking, ya heard? That's all I could tell you," Mannie explained before expressing his optimism towards the project. "No verses, no music, none of that. We just started on negotiating, that's where we at right now. Hopefully it's gon happen. I'ma give you a positive note, hopefully it's gon happen."

Luckily, once the contractual obligations are agreed on, Mannie Fresh will start working with Birdman, Drake, and Lil Wayne on instrumentals and song concepts right away. The creative assured anxious fans that he "already has ideas" and he's more than "ready" to get back in his hit-making groove.

Fresh also elaborated on his upcoming joint effort with Yasiin Bey, and claims they've already started "working on it." In his own words, the "Still Fly" icon described the status of his collaboration with the artist formerly known as Mos Def stating, "Mos do movies for a living, so when he finish making movies, we'll finish it. He gotta feed his family just like I gotta feed mine. It's one of them things where I gotta work around his schedule. I can do this all day everyday but Hollywood is a 'lil different, so soon as dude slow up what he's doing, we'll finish it and get it to y'all. I know the world waiting for that, so I'ma make sure it happens."