Kanye West once again raised the eyebrows of the hip-hop community when he visited the White House to meet with President Trump last Thursday (Oct. 11). One person who wasn't bothered by Yeezy's visit was Mally Mall, who gave the rapper some props for his efforts.

Answering TMZ's question about Kanye's Trump connection, Mall explained his belief that Yeezy is only trying to improve the country.

"Ah man, Kanye's a genius, man," Mall says as he stands outside an L.A. stop of Drake and Migos' tour. "I hope they get Larry Hoover out. That's a good move right there. You know, Kanye just wants what's best for the country, man. You know what I mean? I don't get into the whole politics really like that, but as long as its positive, I'm all for it, man. I fuck with Kanye."

If you recall, freeing Gangsters Disciples founder Larry Hoover, who is currently serving six life sentences behind bars, was one request Yeezy made to President Trump last week. Seeing as Mall referenced this part of Kanye's discussion—which stretched for 20 minutes—it feels safe to say he paid some attention to the conversation.

When asked if he thought Kanye's polarizing activities could effect change in the world, Mall said, "He's trying. I respect him trying more than people not trying."

Mall's comments come after a Yeezy-Trump meeting that saw the rapper claim that racism was an invisible wall. There's a lot more where that came from, too.

See video of Mally Mall speaking on the matter for yourself below. Read our list of 10 takeaways from Yeezy's Trump meeting when you're done.

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