Eyebrows and curiosity were raised last week when Vic Mensa posted a picture of himself with Jay Z, Beyonce and Chance the Rapper, except in the photo Vic shared, Chance was blacked out. Was there beef brewing between the two Chicago MCs, peers who both have ties to the Save Money collective? Inquisitive minds wondered, but fellow Chicago artist Malik Yusef has now officially dispelled the rumors.

“There is NO beef Btween @chancetherapper and @vicmensa, y’all mufukin tweaking Shorty we super well, red and blue 11 points of power, shout out the family," Yusef wrote beneath an Instagram photo of the two rappers with Ty Dolla $ign, the vibe looking very casual and friendly. It's worth noting that both Chance and Vic are wearing the same clothes as they were in the photo with Hov and Bey, so while Yusef's photo was published several days later, it is likely from the same night, if not the very same setting.

On 2013's "Acid Rain," Chance once rapped, "And I still get jealous of Vic / And Vic's still jealous of me / But if you touch my brother all that anti-violence shit goes out the window / Along with the you and the rest of your team." While each artist has experienced a good deal of success since that lyric was first recorded, competition and even tinges of resentment seem to exist within their friendship so the photo edit doesn't necessarily mean the end is near.

Peep the photo up top.

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