Maino and Uncle Murda are on a mission for peace in hip-hop. Since the night of the Irving Plaza shooting back in May, the two Brooklyn-hailing rappers have made it their personal business to be apart of the solution, not the problem. In light of May's Irving Plaza, Maino and Murda visited The Angie Martinez show on Power 105.1 recently (July 12) to talk about their side of the story. The Brooklynites were in the VIP section of the venue when shots rang out and feel they could have personally stopped the violence if they knew it was coming.

"Lets try to dead a problem before it happens," Murda said. "If we hear about certain things, we could get to it before it go out of control... definitely together, there's just certain things we could stop."

In early accounts of the incident that night that left four people injured and one dead, it was reported that Maino and Uncle Murda were onstage. Though those accounts turned out to be false, Maino and Murda's names kept getting mixed up in the media melee of finding the shooter. At one point, Maino took to Instagram to publicly deny that he and his team engaged in a fight with Troy Ave and his BSB crew.

Last month, Maino and Murda held an open forum in the heart of Brooklyn to get a conversation going about how to stop the violence in hip-hop. XXL caught up with the rappers directly after the panel to talk about the impact they hope these talks will have.

"Even though the content of the music is street, this is still a business at the end of the day and we got to conduct ourselves as such, as business men," Murda told XXL.

"Some of this shit ain't about nothing," said Maino, mirroring Murda's intensions. "And by no means am I a Malcolm X, Martin Luther King-type nigga. You know I'm not that. But certain things make sense and certain things don't. And we just gotta create the energy in this borough for them to understand that we gotta move in a certain way if we wanna be successful for real."

Check out Maino and Murda's full interview with Angie above.

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