The success of Desiigner's hit single "Panda" has raised plenty of questions about rapper's jocking other artist's style in hip-hop. The young Brooklyn native has been accused of copying Future's style, which has brought him great success, but also a heavy dose of criticism.

Vlad TV caught up with Maino to get his thoughts on why Desiigner has been so successful despite the blatant use of Future's style. He concluded that biting simply doesn't matter to people anymore.

"If it's a question whether [Desiigner] can pull that off again with sounding like [Future], I don't know. I don't even know what the audience really wants sometimes," Maino said. "Maybe there was a time when that wasn't allowed at all. He wouldn't have even got in the game 'cause that was so heavily frowned upon. There was a time when people would've said, 'Oh, he a biter.' Back in the day, n---as would go, 'Oh, you sound like someone else.' That was frowned upon. Now, I don't know. I think people just wanna hear dope music and the song is dope. The song is good, so I don't think people so much hang onto it."

The interview also addressed the current sound of New York hip-hop. Maino explained that he doesn't think the city has one easily defined sound.

"I don't know what the sound is of New York today. Like what is it? What's THE sound?" Maino asked. "If we wanna talk about the boom bap sound, we don't have that no more. I mean you got certain artists that touch it a little bit. But I don't know if that's the premier sound of my city no more. I think that we have been influenced by other markets and other cultures. It's like there's no one sound no more."

The "Hi Hater" rhymer capped off this train of thought by addressing how the younger generation was not strictly brought up on New York rap. He cited ASAP Rocky and the aforementioned Desiigner as New York rappers who were more influenced by southern hip-hop. Check out the entire interview with Maino above.

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