If Machine Gun Kelly is going to die, he wants to go out in spectacular fashion. That revelation comes courtesy of DJ Skee, who is hosting some special episodes of his Fuse program Skee TV from his time at 2016 Soundset Festival in Minneapolis. In a preview clip for tonight's (June 10) episode, Skee spoke to MGK about his performance.

The clip shows DJ Skee asking Machine Gun Kelly if he got nervous climbing up beams during his set at the festival. The Ohio rapper proceeded to explain that he got nervous yet was completely cool with dying in that moment since it was in front of huge crowd.

"That one was a little weird because the other leg wouldn't fit so I just had to rest all my weight on that one [beam] and I saw it slipping out cause the toe was the only thing holding me up," Machine Gun Kelly said. "So I was just leaning back and I was like... All I thought about was like if I'm gonna die, it's gonna be right here in front of 60,000 wild fucking fans losing their goddamn mind. If I was gonna go, I was gonna go. I was completely okay with it."

Machine Gun Kelly decided that he need to become a part of the greatest hits reel for Skee TV. To accomplish that, the "Till I Die" rapper flipped over the couch. You can watch the entire episode tonight at 10 p.m. EST on Fuse as it will also feature interviews with Anderson .Paak, Atmosphere, A-F-R-O and Mick Jenkins.

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