Fresh off dropping his latest project, titled Drunk, Thundercat has released a Japanese version of the new album, and it comes with the perk of a brand new song with Mac Miller.

The track, titled "Hi," finds Mac Miller once again showcasing the range he displayed on The Divine Feminine, crooning over an instrumental that sounds like a band rehearsal. It's a slow-paced track that fits Miller's vocals pretty well, and it's a shame the song didn't actually make it to Thundercat's album.

The rappers that did make it to the U.S. version of Thundercat's new project include Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa and Pharrell. Speaking with XXL last year, Thundercat revealed that the "Happy" performer was one of his heroes and that he wanted to work with him.

"He’s been my hero since I was a young kid. And I got a chance to tell him that. I was like, 'Hey man, your N.E.R.D. album…' You don’t want to be the super stereotypical… “Your rap changed my life man” [laughs], but he was like, 'Okay, cool, great.'," Thundercat explained at the time.

He continued by explaining that he'd love to get into the studio with his idol and continue working on the album--which he just released a few days ago.

"I really would love to work with Pharrell. I’m open to different ideas and just kinda keeping everything moving," he explained. "Everything is kind of amped up so it kind of sharpens different senses for me. As an artist, it made me sit back and think for a second. Like the question you just asked. I’m in that mode, that mind state right now. I’m interested to see what is going to come for 2016. There’s still a lot of music being created and there’s music a lot of music that I’m involved in that hasn’t come out. It’s going to be interesting. But yeah definitely working on my new album."

You can stream Thundercat's newest project on Apple Music now. You can listen to "Hi" below.

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