Lupe Fiasco might not be delivering the music as consistently for fans anymore, but he is ready to dive into some of his other dreams. The Chicago rapper is featured on the new docu-series, Beat n Path, which finds him exploring his longtime passion for martial arts.

Heading to China to embrace their extensive culture, Fiasco practices with Kung Fu Masters throughout the Asian country for the series pilot. Being that he is a veteran hip-hop star, the "Jump" MC will also seeks out some of the hip-hop talent throughout the area.

During a recent interview with KIX Asia, Lupe speaks on where his passion for martial arts first stemmed from, which according to him, was triggered by his father at a young age.

"I trained in the martial arts with my father since I was about 3 years old and it's always been a passion of mine," he explains. "It pops up in my music sometimes [with] little hints of it here and there, but for the most part, my fans never really saw that side or really saw my martial arts side. They only know me for being a musician and a rapper. Hopefully this show will introduce people to that side of me."

Lupe also talks about the importance and influence of kung-fu movies, and his hopes of what people can get out of the new television show.

Beat n Path is scheduled to air tonight (March 8) on Celestial Tiger Entertainment's Kix channel in China. You can catch some previews, as well as Lupe's interview about the show, in the videos below.

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