Over the past year, the beef between Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco has lived on Twitter, but Lupe is ready to throw hands at Cudi if he sees him in the streets. If you recall, Cudi threw shots at Fiasco back in August when Lupe was giving out verses for $500 and the two went at it again earlier this month when Lupe told Kid Cudi to stop shitting on people who have helped his career.

During an interview with Sway, the radio host bluntly asked if Lupe if he and Cudi had buried the hatchet to which Fiasco quickly responded, "Fuck him!" He then went on to explain that he was a big fan of Cudi and has known him since he worked at the BAPE store before he blew up. Lupe then went on to tell listeners why the relationship broke down and threatened Cudi with physical violence.

“I told my fans, ‘Yo, if you want a Lupe verse, I’ll write it for you for $500. It’ll be yours; you can’t put it on Twitter — it’s yours. Don’t leak the sh-t or do whatever; it’s yours.’ And Cudi went on Twitter and was like, ‘Yo, Lupe, what you gonna do with that money?’…I’m thinking he joking.”

“I said, ‘Yo, gimme this bitch ass nigga Cudi’s number, if I see him, I’m knockin’ him the fuck out,” Lupe continued. “‘Cause I wanna get to the bottom of what the fuck you talkin’ about. Because it’s me. The same nigga you went in Complex and was like, one of the only niggas who reached out to me genuinely and had love for me was Lupe. But now I’m some fuckin’ thief? Now I can’t find you? Nobody knows where you are?”

Lupe ended the interview with a direct threat: “Cudi, let’s settle this,” he said. “Talk to me, before I fuck you up.”

[Sway In The Morning]

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