While last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood focused on exposing cheaters and plotting on enemies, this week the ladies and gentleman on the West Coast are looking to set the record straight.

Shanda is still coming to terms with her decision to put her relationship with Willie on hold and gets up with Nikki Baby to express her feelings. Her first priority is her children and although she says that Willie's infidelity hurt her, he's always been a great father, which complicates the matter even further. Nikki Baby, on the other hand, has also been coming to terms with recent decisions made. She admits that her brother's death last year has affected her ability to commit to one person. She feels she used her flings with Safaree and Rosa Acosta to mask her pain, but is working towards moving forward emotionally.

Brandi informs Max about her run-in with Moniece at her release party and the disrespect she endured publicly. When it's revealed Masika was believed to be in cahoots with Moniece, Max balks at the idea of producing a record for her and professes his loyalty to his wife in her beef.

Moniece meets up with Masika and another friend to discuss the happenings in her music career. The topic switches to the cold war between Moniece and Brandi. After giving a rundown of her verbal rampage against Brandi at her listening party and justifying it as payback for the constant attacks revolving around her parenting, Moniece says that she intends to dish out all that Brandi can handle and that her actions were worth it.

Princess, who was present during Moniece's listening party and took umbrage to her slanderous speech against Brandi, has gone to Jason Lee for assistance in her quest to get back at Moniece. While Jason says that he has some incriminating evidence against Moniece, the fact that Brandi is involved gives him cause to pause. Jason says that he needs an apology from Brandi, who threw a drink in his face during a previous encounter, before he'll considering delivering the damaging evidence against Moniece.

In the aftermath of the failed housewarming and her secret wedding with A-1, Lyrica meets up with her mother in an attempt to patch things up and explain her side of the issue. Lyrica's mother says that she is still hurt she wasn't present during her daughter's wedding, but is making strides towards accepting Lyrica's relationship with A-1. However, in a hilarious twist, Lyrica's mother says that her daughter should pay for her plastic surgery in exchange for her forgiveness for eloping with A-1, an ultimatum Lyrica accepts.

Fetty Wap hits the studio and blows off steam about his dealings with Masika and their co-parenting situation. The "Trap Queen" rapper says that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with Masika. He's focused on being a father to their daughter and not have any romantic ties with her mother -- especially because she continues to leak information to the media.

Nikki has a talk with her mother about the death of her brother in an attempt to comfort her. Although Nikki says that her mother doesn't have to worry about any of the family businesses, her mother says that she wants Nikki to begin considering settling down and being in a committed relationship.

Princess and Brandi continue in their quest for retribution. Princess discloses the damaging sex tape that she's in reach of acquiring, but also says that the price of the exchange will be an apology on Brandi's behalf. Due to her thirst to even the score with Moniece, Brandi is on board with making amends with Jason Lee, putting their plan in motion. The three parties meet for a meal and to discuss the terms of their peace treaty and how Brandi can ingratiate herself to Jason Lee. After demanding Brandi to enact an embarrassing scene from Coming to America, Jason finally agrees to fork over the sex tape, much to the delight of Brandi.

Masika says that Fetty Wap has not been showing up to see their daughter. She says his intentions are more geared toward sleeping with her than being a father to their child. Moniece serves as a shoulder to lean on as Masika lists all of the promises that he has broken and says that he needs to be committed to being a good dad.

Safaree, Teairra Mari and other friends show up to A-1 and Lyrica's home for a picnic and fun in the sun. But things quickly take a left turn when the topic of the liposuction Lyrica's mother suggests is broached, leading A-1 to present her with a waist trainer. Lyrica's mother is offended and shoots back with her own personal dig towards A-1's mother, leading the two to almost come to blows, making it clear that this union will not be a peaceful one anytime soon.

Watch Fetty Wap, Brandi, A-1 and more in action in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clips above and below.

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