After the drama that occurred last week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it's back to the West Coast for a new episode. Things kick off this week with Ray J and Max, who are at the barber shop getting a cut. Max gives Ray J a rundown of the fiasco that went down at the studio between Masika and his wife, Brandi. The producer seems to have come around regarding forgiving Brandi for her misdeed with using their son's money to fund her store, but only if she promises not to pull any similar stunts like that again.

Teairra Mari has been inspired by her friend's own musical pursuits and is eager to make her own return to the music industry. Sitting down with producer and former collaborator Bryan-Micheal Cox, Teairra gives a rundown of her time in the industry and at Roc-A-Fella Records, as well as addressing her unceremonious leave of absence after being dropped from the label. Her rumored rivalry with Rihanna was also among the topics at hand, and although Teairra admits to getting the shorter end of the stick, she remains diplomatic about the situation. After asking Bryan-Micheal Cox about what her reputation is like in the industry, he doesn't hold back, letting her know that her image has been tarnished and is in need of repair. But he also says that great music is the best medicine and that if she's able to create songs that resonate with people and is effective commercially, her name will be mentioned in more positive dialogue.

After going through the storm that was caused by A-1's mother's presence at their old home, he and his newlywed wife, Lyrica, have moved into a bigger apartment after deciding they were in need of a change in space and pace. Lyrica gets the bright idea to use their housewarming as a way to announce their secret wedding. A-1 is also looking forward to Lyrica's mom getting wind of their marriage and wants her to understand that Lyrica is a grown woman, able to make her own decisions and that she doesn't have a say in their relationship.

Teairra Mari, Nikki Baby and Shanda meet up for drinks and the spilling of tea at a Hollywood hot spot. The three speak on Teairra's pending criminal case involving an incident with an Uber driver that took a turn for the worse. Nikki Baby admits to distancing herself from Teairra, but feels the need to step in and attempt to be the voice of reason.

Rosa Acosta is still reeling from finding out about Nikki Baby's dealings with Safaree and wants to make amends with gossip blogger Jason Lee, who gave Rosa fair warning of the rumors surrounding Nikki and Safaree. Rosa also says that although she prefers not to have any more romantic dealings with Nikki, she still plans to communicate with her for business, due to the upcoming fashion event the two are working on.

The night of Lyrica and A-1's housewarming arrives and all of their close friends and family are present. After easing into the announcement of the news of their secret wedding, everyone except for Lyrica's mother appears elated after hearing the surprise. Shocked, Lyrica's mother voices her feelings, causing the upbeat celebration to turn into a session of bickering. Lyrica's mother, who immediately pegs the secret marriage on A-1, feels disrespected and hurt that she was not informed nor present for her daughter's wedding. A-1's mother speaks up, saying that Lyrica's mother is more mad at the fact that their children got married in the first place, and the two get into a shouting match before Lyrica's mother decides to leave the housewarming out of disagreement and disgust.

Ray J has missed the cake-tasting that Princess had planned for the two of them, but little does she know that Ray has a secret in store for her. He debuts a Billboard for his Scoot-E-Bike, which features him and his fiancee on it, a gesture he believes is a meaningful one. However, Princesss is unmoved and concerned that Ray J isn't as invested in putting together a memorable wedding as she is, leaving the two at odds.

Brandi is throwing a birthday party for her and Max's son, Brandon, and although she is scared that Max will not show up, he comes through in the nick of time. He makes it known that despite the differences between he and his wife, it's family first. Max also forgives Brandi for using their son's money and agrees to put the issue in the past.

The launch of Nikki's underwear line has come and in light of the recent revelations, Rosa Acosta decides to show up with a female companion of her own, which rubs Nikki the wrong way. She proceeds to diss Rosa's date and things get awkward fast. When Rosa demands that Nikki Baby apologize for her dishonesty, Nikki refuses to admit her wrongdoings and says that she's more frustrated than sorry for her actions. She has no intentions of giving Rosa the closure she wants, signaling the end of their fling.

Ray J is ready to launch his Scoot-E-Bike endeavor and has set up a launch event, which investor Soulja Boy is in attendance for. But Princess' absence from the celebration is a noticeable one, and after speaking to Nia Riley and Soulja Boy, he decides that he will get more involved in planning the wedding. However, Princess shows up to the Scoot-E-Bike event and has the hilarious idea to get married right there in the Scoot-E-Bike shop on the spot, an idea that Ray J balks at. After reiterating his plan to step up to the plate more, it appears that Ray J and Princess are back on the same page as their big day gets closer.

Lyrica's mother comes to her daughter's to collect her belongings and runs into A-1, who wants to discuss their differences. After voicing her opinion that she thinks A-1 forced her daughter into eloping, A-1 says that he and Lyrica decided to do what they wanted on their own and that he's not to blame. After attempting to give her a picture of him and Lyrica out of spite, Lyrica's mother slaps the picture out of his hands and storms out, making the prospect of a truce between the two highly unlikely.

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