The shenanigans continue on season 6, episode 4 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as Tommie shows up with Yung Joc to a double date with Jessica Dyme and her own companion.

Although being privy to the fact that Jessica Dyme and Karlie Redd are good friends and that she’ll probably inform her, Tommie shows no regard for Karlie finding out about her plans to have a fling with Joc. The rapper has a feeling Tommie is using him in part to get back at Karlie. However, Joc believes he and Karlie are not an exclusive couple so dating Tommie shouldn’t be an issue. Jessica Dyme plays nice for the moment, but notes that if Joc doesn’t come clean about his dealings with Karlie, she surely will.

In this episode, Ciara gets some camera time. She owns an establishment called the Glam Shop, a hotspot for celebrities from all walks of life. Mariah, who Ciara has hired as a marketing manager, says that Ciara is hard to work with, but the business she brings is worth dealing with her attitude. The two are at odds over Mariah’s friendship with Mimi, but when Ciara voices her insecurities, Mariah assures Ciara that she’s loyal to her.

Since going public about Kirk Frost fathering Jasmine's child, the money he was sending to cover her bills and expenses has stopped coming in. Now she's forced to look for housing elsewhere. Being that she’s built a rapport with Karlie Redd, Jasmine invites her over to the apartment to further discuss the love square between Kirk, Rasheeda, Rodney and herself. During the meeting, Karlie gets to have a glimpse of the child in question, who she says looks a little bit like Kirk. When Karlie says that she wants to take a picture of the baby, Jasmine is suspicious of Karlie’s intentions, but obliges her request. Keanna, who is also present, tells Karlie that she also slept with Kirk, and that they have made plans to get Kirk to take a DNA test to prove that he’s the father.

Momma Dee meets up with Bambi to discuss her relationship with Scrappy. Bambi says that Scrappy has not been living up to his role as a fiancé and that she is beginning to have doubts about their future. She also says that unless Scrappy is willing to go to therapy and shape up as a partner, there won't be a relationship to save.

Lovely Mimi, who has struck up a friendship with Tommie, accompanies her on a day out with her daughter. Mimi and Tommie bond over their past experiences in the prison system and their tumultuous childhoods. Tommie confides in Mimi about her plot for revenge against Karlie Redd, and also shows disdain for Tammy Rivera, who put the two in the same vicinity.

What at first appears to be Scrappy stepping out on Bambi with an actress, is actually a scene from a film that he’s shooting -- the rapper wants to pursue a career in acting. The actress, Jasmine, serves as a shoulder for the rapper to lean on and discuss his problems with Bambi.

Treasure, a former stripper who just moved to Atlanta to pursue her dreams, has made fast friends with Mariah. She joins Tommie, Jessica Dyme,and Lovely Mimi for a night out at the strip club. Jessica Dyme inquires if Tommie is only using Joc to get back at Karlie Redd. Tommie says that although she has taken a liking to Joc as a person, if Karlie suffers, it makes her fling even better. Treasure and Mimi, who both admit to being involved with married men, get into a back and forth with Tommie. They call her a hypocrite for judging them for sleeping with married men, when she’s attempting to take Joc from Karlie, a notion that Jessica Dyme and Karlie disagree with.

Karlie Redd is shooting a photo for her sex book and Yung Joc has showed up to take pics for it. She tells Joc about seeing the baby Jasmine says belongs to Kirk and that she has a picture to prove it. When she notes the details about the baby having a dimple on his chin, Joc comes to the realization that he also slept with Jasmine around the time she slept with Kirk, and that there’s a small chance that he could be the father.

Momma Dee has called in Scrappy’s father, who happens to be a marriage counselor, to help Scrappy and Bambi settle their differences. When Scrappy says that he feels his efforts have been unappreciated, which Bambi scoffs at, the two begin to bicker and ultimately call their engagement off, putting the future of their relationship in jeopardy.

Ciara and Lovely Mimi are both at odds with each other and are appearing to be nearing the end of their business relationship. When Ciara says that Lovely Mimi and Tommie are being too loud, they take issue with her comments, but decide to go get drinks as a way to ease the tension.

Lovely Mimi, who is very exuberant and boisterous, catches wind that Ciara referred her to a circus clown and makes a photo announcement that she is quitting the Glam Shop, which Ciara reacts to by spitefully saying that the shop will be perfectly fine without her. But when Ciara says that Mimi wants to be Black in an attempt to insult her, things take a heated turn. Mimi takes offense and begins to aggressively lash out, leading security to intervene before things get violent. With Mimi out of the picture, there's no telling where the Glam Shop will go from here, but we'll be sure to keep you updated on next week's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta recap.

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