Last week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we got a sneak peek of Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J's reunion as the former couple came together for the first time in six months. Now the two put the past behind for the sake of their new baby.

Joseline says that she only served Stevie J with paternity papers to get his attention. When Joseline begins to get emotional, Stevie J begins to see the error in his ways and is more compassionate. She's choosing to move back home to Miami to raise her child and distance herself from Stevie. However, if he is the father, Stevie doesn’t want Joseline to move. According to her, she'll take the wait-and-see approach.

In the first episode of L&HHATL, Kirk Frost is allegedly the father of a secret child with a woman named Jasmine. Since he agreed to support her and the child financially, she didn’t mean to spill the beans publicly at a party in front of Yung Joc and Karlie Redd. However, Jasmine feels good that the truth is out, but wants to give her boyfriend, Rod, a heads up and get his take on the situation. Jasmine explains what happened between her and Kirk as well as what went down at the masquerade party to Rod, who feels that Jasmine made a mistake by revealing her secret. He remains on her side and says that Kirk will be exposed for the man he truly is.

Tommie has been coping with her legal troubles following her arrest during the previous episode. She is less than pleased with the support she’s received from her mother over the years. When Tommie’s bail bondsman shows up, the two are unable to handle business before she and her mother begin bickering with each other in a heated manner. This leads to Tommie having her escorted away as her mother inquires if Tommie can be sent back to jail.

Momma Dee has been riding high off the success of her single “In That Order” and performing across the country. While she's happy with her entrance into the music industry, she has a bone to pick with her husband, Ernest, whom she’s been attempting to build a life with. Unsatisfied with Ernest’s lack of responsibility and romance, Momma Dee lets her displeasure be known, noting that Ernest has been more preoccupied with caring for his mother than being a husband. Ernest, who says medical reasons are why he hasn’t been as present as he should, reveals that his mother is selling her home in Florida and moving to Atlanta, news that doesn’t sit well with Momma Dee at all.

Karlie Redd and Jasmine discuss Kirk's secret baby. Jasmine shows proof of her contact with Kirk and documents of his financial support for their child. Yung Joc gets some intel on Kirk’s dealings with Jasmine, and is able to get a confirmation on Jasmine’s story. He even gets to see a video of a man that appears to be Kirk holding a baby at Jasmine’s residence. Yung Joc admits that the evidence appears to be damaging, but holds out hope that it is all a hoax and Kirk is innocent.

Scrappy and his mother meet up to go over the recent happenings in their life. Momma Dee explains that she’s weary of Ernest’s mother and the idea of her moving to Atlanta. She thinks his mom may butt into her and Ernest’s marriage, which Scrappy feels is ironic, given Momma Dee’s own meddling in his relationship. Scrappy says that he’s been staying at a hotel due to arguments between him and Bambi. He's unsure of his desire to get married to her. Momma Dee suggests that she, Scrappy, and Bambi have a sit-down to work through their differences, a suggestion which Scrappy takes into consideration.

Tommie catches up with K.K. King to confide in her about the recent issues in her life, particularly what’s going on between her and her mother. After explaining her side of the situation, K.K. King suggests that Tommie have a bit more compassion with her mother. Karlie Redd, whom Scrapp became romantically involved with prior to him going to jail, remains a target of Tommie’s, as she vows to get revenge and even the score between the two since Scrapp was once her man.

Stevie J’s daughter has shown up at his house and says that she plans to reside with him during her last year in high school. Although Stevie is reluctant to have his daughter present during this tumultuous time in his life, he ultimately caves in and warms up to the idea of her staying with him.

Ernest, his mother and Momma do link up to go over their own relationship with each other. When Ernest’s mother asks if Momma Dee has a problem with her moving back to Atlanta, Dee reveals her trepidation. She admits Ernest’s mother may overstep her boundaries and her feelings that Ernest prioritizes her needs before that of his wife. These are charges that Ernest’s mother denies. Things go left when Momma Dee gifts Ernest and his mother with items fit for a baby and decides to exit the premises out of frustration, much to the amusement of her son and husband.

Karlie Redd tells Rasheeda reveals that she met with Jasmine and got details on her side of the story regarding her dealings with Kirk. Rasheeda is a bit skeptical of confiding in Karlie, but when she gives a rundown of all of the information she learned, Rasheeda begins to think differently. She finds out Kirk moved Jasmine into the building they lived in and was spotted holding Jasmine’s baby in her own home, among other accusations. Rasheeda realizes that Karlie is being totally upfront and not playing games. The news hits Rasheeda hard and results in her beginning to break down after realizing the extent of Kirk’s alleged infidelity, as she attempts to come to grips with the information she’s just processed.

After sitting down with Karlie Redd, Rasheeda confronts Kirk about the information she received, and things don’t look good for him. Rasheeda lays out the evidence and makes it clear that she’s no longer in the dark about Jasmine’s whereabouts. The moment of truth has arrived to find out whether Kirk will stick to his guns or come clean, setting up the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to be an intense one.

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