This week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gets straight to the good stuff with Joseline revealing her plot to keep Karlie Redd in check with some unsavory information she's obtained. Karlie says she genuinely cares about Joseline and begins crying due to the stress of the situation and has to take a moment to collect herself, much to Joseline's satisfaction.

It's the night of Kirk's showcase and Rasheeda is eager to see Kirk's daughter Kelsey perform and to reunite Kirk and Scrappy. Joseline and Kirk are both impressed and surprised by Kelsey's talent and give her positive feedback, but feel she still has to mature as a performer and a artist. Kelsey takes their hesitation to sign her as an indication of their faith in her talent and is a bit disappointed by their measured enthusiasm. Kirk and Scrappy also take the time to air out their grievances. Scrappy compares the relationship he has with his daughter Imani to what he sees of Kirk and his daughter Kelsey. This leads Kirk to realize that Scrappy had a valid gripe for not attending his court hearing and admitted his wrongs, leading them to make up and resume their friendship.

Joseline is elated about her upcoming party and ready to set her plans for vengeance and starts by looking at a possible venue for the festivities. KK King shows up to the house to catch up with Joseline and Stevie for lunch, but the meeting quickly goes left when Joseline asks about a rumor that KK King and Stevie J had a sexual relationship in the past. KK and Stevie debunk those rumors and claim that they're strictly friends and nothing more, but the two are taken aback by Joseline's assertion. KK also confides in Stevie J about her dilemma with Tiarra and Scrapp. Stevie suggests that she let bygones be bygones and soothe over the situation for the sake of her grandson.

Mimi Faust and Joseline meet up to do some furniture shopping and the Puerto Rican Princess invites her and Chris to a party for her video shoot. Joseline then mentions her run-in with KK and Stevie and shows Mimi a folder full of information on KK's criminal past. The info is a surprise to Mimi, but what is more exciting is Joseline's conflict of interest being that KK is a close friend of Stevie J.

Scrapp is attending a show where his younger brother, Sass, is performing. Scrapp lets Sass in on his relationship with women, but KK shows up unexpectedly with intentions on trying to come to a resolution with Tiarra for the sake of her son. KK is adamant about not making amends with Tiarra and maintains her stance of wanting to take her to court for custodial rights.

Mimi Faust and Chris talk about Joseline's invite to her video release party. Chris says she doesn't know how to deal with the father of her child and thinks that it will be awkward, but Mimi insists that they're past the rough patches of the past and that her, Joseline and Stevie are on good terms. Chris isn't too fond of them both and is leery of Mimi being involved with them.

Over on Scrapp's side of town, Tommie shows up suddenly wearing lingerie after being told that he has another woman at his house. However, she finds no such evidence and realizes she's been played the fool and doesn't know whether to believe Joseline or Scrapp. Scrapp lets Stevie and the fellas know about the news that Tommie got from Joseline, which catches Stevie by surprise. Stevie suggests that he bring her to the party so that everything can be rectified between all parties.

Mimi throws a housewarming and invites everyone but Joseline since she has tension with many of the other ladies in attendance. But a few of the ladies are taken aback when Tiarra shows up, but is quickly embraced once she divulges her story. When the topic of Joseline arises, Tammy and the rest of the ladies voice their disapproval of her actions and unite in their shared disdain. Karlie Redd arrives and lets the women know about Joseline's threats to expose her to the blogs. But the plot is only sure to thicken the closer we get to Joseline's party and from the looks of things, many revelations will be made that could alter more than a few futures.

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