Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended in a brawl between Tammy Rivera and Betty Idol, but this one picks up during the aftermath of their battle royale.

Jessica Dime feels guilty for helping lure Tiarra into a trap at the birthday party for Chris, Mimi's girlfriend. She invites Tiarra out for drinks to make amends and to clear her name of any wrongdoing in the events that led to the altercation between herself and Tommie.

Tiarra notes that Karlie Redd never reached out to check up on her after the party and she didn't know of Tommie until she showed up. She also admits that her and Scrapp DeLeon are sleeping together and that their relationship has been ongoing since their teenage years. Tiarra also opens up to Jessica about the issues Scrapp's family has with her, which leads Jessica to sympathize with her even more. The two seem to have formed a new alliance.

Scrapp is out of sorts due to his legal troubles and the beef between Tommie and Tiarra. He seeks some words of advice from his longtime mentor, Stevie J. After being informed of the drama between Tommie and Tiarra, Stevie J advises Scrapp that trying to juggle the women is a recipe for disaster and that he'll have to choose between the two to keep the peace between all parties. Scrapp seems less than receptive to Stevie J's advice and plans to continue to have his cake and eat it too.

Waka Flocka makes his first appearance on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta while checking up on Tammy after hearing news of her altercation with Betty Idol. The rapper maintains that he didn't mean to come across as homophobic and Tammy attributes her actions to her instincts of defending her loved ones and standing up for their honor. The topic switches to the state of their relationship, with Tammy stating that she feels Waka should be more romantic and put as much effort into their relationship as he does into his career. Tammy also asks Waka to show up to her magazine release party. She also plans to invite D. Smith and get her and Waka to clear the air about his comments regarding the LGBT community.

Tammy's magazine launch party is a huge success and has received a good turnout. Mimi, Chris and Jessica Dime are all in attendance at the party. Mimi is still perturbed about the altercation between Tiarra and Tommie since it put a damper on Chris' birthday party. She vows to have a word with both regarding the issue. Waka Flocka beams with pride at Tammy's accomplishment, while his mother, Debra Antney, who is also in attendance, reiterates that her son is not homophobic and that his comments were misconstrued.

When Tammy mentions that the fight was with Betty Idol, Bambi, who is also in attendance, mentions that she also has a beef with Betty. It's clear that Bambi isn't too fond of her. When asked if Tammy will be working with D. Smith, she says she doubts it. Tammy takes note that D. Smith failed to show up to her magazine release party and the part she played in allowing the meeting between her and Betty Idol go sour.

After the event, Tammy invites D. Smith to lunch to discuss the fight between herself and Betty Idol. She asks D. Smith why she failed to show up for her magazine launch, to which she replies that the party wasn't her crowd. D. Smith defends Betty Idol's actions by saying that she may have not believed Tammy's statements in defense of Waka Flocka. Tammy feels that Betty Idol's real problem is with her and that her attacks were personal and had nothing to do with Waka's comments.

Tammy admits that she was trying to work with D. Smith, but things take a turn from the worse when the latter contends that she was actually doing Tammy a favor by considering working with her. D. Smith begins to disparage Tammy and her credentials as a stylist and designer, to which she shoots back, accusing D. Smith of harboring these feelings from the start and the two part ways with bad blood in the air.

Scrappy gets up with Betty Idol in the studio to talk discuss the two collaborating on some music. Betty Idol mentions her run-in with Tammy and mentions that the fight stemmed from her comments about Waka Flocka, which catches Scrappy by surprise given his friendship with both. Scrappy suggests that something Betty Idol said may have been the reason for the altercation and doesn't seem to think that Betty is being forthcoming about the part she played in the spat.

Betty Idol accuses Scrappy of not being over Bambi, which the rapper admits, contending that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend and that their bond is strong even though they're not together. Betty says that her and Scrappy have to be platonic until he gets over his relationship with Bambi and he's comfortable enough to have her see him interacting with other women.

Bambi shows up to Scrappy's bachelor pad to confront him about the fight between Tammy and Betty Idol. Bambi says that she thinks Scrappy is taunting her with his Instagram posts and new business, which Scrappy denies. When she brings up the fight between Betty and Tammy, Scrappy argues that he had nothing to do with that and still intends to work with Betty Idol, which upsets Bambi, prompting her to tell Scrappy not to contact her again. She also says that her and Scrappy will never reconcile if he goes ahead with his plans to work with Betty Idol.

Scrappy meets up with Betty to discuss his conversation with Bambi. Betty's fight with Tammy is putting a strain on their friendship. Scrappy suggests a sit-down between Bambi and Betty and asks her to apologize for her fight with Tammy. When Betty refuses to apologize, Scrappy says that the two won't be able to work together, which all but ends their working relationship.

Stevie J and Mimi sit down and have a conversation about their recent happenings. He informs Mimi that he and Joseline have moved back to Atlanta in an attempt to be closer to his family and that things are looking up for him and his business. Mimi also discloses that her new relationship is with a female and not a man, which takes Stevie J by surprise, but he seems to take it in stride. The two begin to joke about Mimi and Chris' sexual exploits and Stevie J and Mimi to be on one accord and comfortable with her revelation

The time has come for Scrapp to mend the situation between Tiarra and Tommie and the three meet up at the same table for the first time. Scrapp updates Tommie and Tiarra about the status of his court date and says that he'll need the support of both women if he is incarcerated. Scrapp then throws a curveball and announces that he has no plans to choose between the two at this time, which doesn't fly with either of the women.

Tiarra mentions Scrapp's promise to her to break things off with Tommie, prompting him to come clean and state that he's not in love with her, which leaves Tommie shocked. She and Tiarra begin to argue with each other and things get tense, prompting security to separate the two before another round of fisticuffs occur, ending yet another episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on a tumultuous note.

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