The drama continues and the tears fall on this new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

It appeared as if Lyfe Jennings was prepared to propose to Karlie Redd at the end of the last week's episode, but the R&B crooner explains that it's actually a parting gift, as he will no longer be dating Karlie any longer. Lyfe alleges that Karlie wasn't honest about the state of their relationship, pointing to her fling with Scrapp DeLeon as proof of her philandering ways. She pleads to have a second chance with Lyfe, but he's unconvinced that Karlie isn't fit to be a mother and wife at this stage in his life and decides to move on. Karlie feels that she gave Lyfe all of her and that whatever she does, it's not enough to keep a man in her life.

Over in Ariane's world, she sits down with D. Smith in the studio and the two begin to clash. Smith voices her criticism of Ariane as an artist and feels that something is blocking her from fully becoming the singer she should be. This leads to Ariane feeling a bit of shade on Smith's part and becomes less than receptive to her words. The encounter ends on a bitter note, with their musical partnership on shaky ground.

Later on, Yung Joc meets up with Momma Dee and J. Nicks in the studio to help Scrappy's mom with her music. He also uses it as a chance to come clean about his affair with Amber. But when Yung Joc breaks the news, J. Nicks is surprisingly happy about the situation. He sees it as a way to get out of his relationship with Amber and continue his pursuit of Tiarra.

Tammy is feeling lonely in the aftermath of her and Waka Flocka's mutual decision to separate and confides in Bambi to get her feelings off of her chest. She maintains the two aren't getting a divorce, but needs time to sort out their differences and grow as individuals. One of her plans to keep herself occupied is an upcoming fashion show she's putting together and she's invited her mother-in-law, Deb Antney. Tammy feels apprehensive about how her encounter with Deb will go, but seems to be in great spirits and optimistic about the show.

Looking for guidance as an artist, Ariane meets up with K. Michelle to discuss her ambitions. Noting her reluctance to work with D. Smith, Ariane pleads her case as to why she feels that this is an opportune time to give a music career a go. K. Michelle maintains that she wants to see Ariane be successful, but is unsure whether she has the chops to be a successful vocalist. However, she does invite Ariane to shadow her for a week to get an idea of what it takes to be a major recording artist. Ariane jumps at the chance K. Michelle gives her. She enjoys her week of following K. Michelle around on a press run and is inspired by getting a glimpse of the life of a high-profile entertainer.

In Stevie J land, the producer hosts a pool party and chooses to invite Joseline, Dawn, Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime, among others, to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. Karlie gives Jessica and Tiarra the rundown on her breakup with Lyfe Jennings, but also lets loose the tidbit about her rendezvous with Scrapp, Tiarra's baby father. Karlie justifies her actions by bringing up the fact that Tiarra texted her discussing a breakup with Scrapp, which gave her license to pursue him. All chaos ensues and Karlie and Tiarra begin to argue and have to be separated. But things take another turn for the worse when Jessica approaches Joseline and Dawn and begins to get aggressive before security escorts her out of the party.

Mimi Faust and Tiarra catch a flight together and proceed to discuss the recent happenings in their life. Tiarra ponders why Joseline is still claiming Stevie after he revealed that their marriage was a sham. But Mimi reveals that she's been thinking about taking Joseline's advice and putting Stevie on child support. She also discloses that she's started another love affair with a woman other than Cris. Now she has to break the news that her and Cris getting back together again as a couple is not likely.

Amber reveals that she is much more than a dancer and has launched her own makeup line. To get word out about her brand, she throws a launch party. J. Nicks shows up with Tiarra to prove a point to Amber that he's moved on as well, but Amber doesn't take kindly to Tiarra's presence at her event and the two begin to bicker, which leads to a scuffle between the two. Joc and J. Nick attempt to calm the women down, but it doesn't look like peace will be had anytime soon.

The night of Tammy Rivera's fashion show has arrived and it looks like a success. Bambi, who is one of the models working the runway, catches the attention of Scrappy, who has come to the conclusion that the bachelor life isn't for him. He realizes that the woman he really wants is Bambi. In a show of affection, Scrappy greets Bambi with a bouquet of flowers and professes his desire to rekindle their flame and work things out. Bambi seems a bit hesitant to buy into Scrappy's advances, but he seems adamant about making things work between the two.

Once her fashion show is over, Tammy breaks the news to Deb that her and Waka Flocka will be separating. Although Deb isn't ready to accept the fact that her son and daughter-in-law will split and begins to cry, she maintains that the two will always remain family in spirit. With Waka Flocka and Tammy parting ways, this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ends on a sentimental, albeit somber, note.

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