The summer heat must be getting to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast because the new episode is full of wild behavior.

Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd and other members of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast travel to Los Angeles for a little fun and business in this week's episode. But the first order of business takes place back in Atlanta and involves Momma Dee and her musical aspirations. Upset with Scrappy's lack of assistance with her career, Dee meets up with Yung Joc to discuss ideas to roll out her singing career. Joc agrees to help and suggests that she focus on a song with a call-and-response, similar to the "Electric Slide." She also shows concerns about Ernest's possible infidelity and promises to get to the bottom of the situation sooner than later.

Mimi invites Karlie Redd to go to a comedy show in Los Angeles where Tony Rock performs. But the ladies get a surprise when Stevie J walks in with Jessica Dime on his arm, instantly putting a damper on Mimi's night. Being that she didn't have Stevie's support when she attempted to bring Jessica Dime in to be managed, Mimi is livid at the sight of the two together and wonders what will transpire once Joseline gets wind of their newly forged alliance.

Mimi takes Stevie to the side to talk, but as she does, Jessica shows Karlie a blog post accusing Lyfe Jennings of being secretly married, which is a total surprise to Karlie. While admitting she's in an open relationship with Lyfe, Karlie says that dealing with married men is not her forte. When asked about his dealings with Jessica, Stevie admits to taking her under his wing as a ploy to upset Joseline, who's also been playing games of her own in the media and public eye. Mimi expresses her displeasure with seeing the two and becomes emotional when describing the pain that Stevie has put her through.

Kirk, Rasheeda and their daughter Kelsie meet up at a local space where they'll be building a new studio. Kelsie becomes angry at her parents' decision not to make her an official artist on their label and claims that Rasheeda and Kirk are putting everyone else as a priority to work with besides her.

Betty Idol brings D. Smith along to meet CeeLo Green and discuss the possibility of them working on some new music. Smith touches on her negative experiences working in the industry as a transgender women, but CeeLo assures her that he's not at all discriminatory towards the LGBT community. After Smith shares a song she has in mind for CeeLo to sing, the Soul Machine appears to be blown away by D. Smith's talent and thinks they could build a working relationship.

Stevie J sits down with Faith Evans to vent his feelings about Joseline's recent string of erratic actions. He also touches on the fallout from his announcement that their marriage was a sham. With an upcoming showdown between the two looming, Stevie prepares to get his composure together to see his former squeeze for the first time since their separation.

Ernest is still on rocky terms with Momma Dee and meets up with Rasheeda's mother for advice on how to improve his relationship. He's shocked when Dee shows up to the location. Ernest explains that Shirley is only attempting to help give him some insight on how he can make her happy, but Dee is less than forgiving.

Later on, Stevie finally meets up with Joseline to talk about their differences and the current status of their relationship. Joseline says that she will always remain friends with him, but Stevie voices his anger after seeing the picture of her and Rick Ross together. He says that Joseline has been disrespecting him with her recent actions publicly. Then he admits he misses her and asks for her to be respectful in the public eye. The two appear to reach an understanding but things take a turn when Joseline summons Tommie to join them, which throws Stevie for a loop given her previous comments about him.

Rasheeda and Kirk are moving forward with their plans to expand their label, but Kelsie is less than eager about her parents' reluctance to sign her to a contract. She's also upset that their new artist, Sam, is moving into their old house and will possibly be working at Rasheeda's boutique Pressed. As a result of the news, Kelsie walks out on Rasheeda out of anger.

Karlie Redd catches up with Lyfe in Los Angeles and discusses where they are as a couple, as well as what the future holds for them. She decides to confront Lyfe about the news of his alleged marriage, but the singer denies the rumors and say that it was all simply miscommunication. But in a twist of fate, Lyfe inquiries about Karlie's dealings with Scrapp. He admits he knew what he was getting into when he first met Karlie Redd so he's not phased by the revelations of her being seen with other men.

In a shock to Karlie, and everyone watching at home, Lyfe surprises her with a eye-popping diamond ring, which causes her to faint on the spot, giving this week's episode a hilarious -- albeit sentimental -- ending.

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