Last year saw Loso Loaded drop his Creating Memories EP, and now the Atlanta rapper is back with a new banger called "Never Seen." With some help from 21 Savage, the rappers go hard over the JudoBeatz-produced instrumental.

Loso wastes no time kicking off the track, rapping, "When you approach a real nigga, better think first/I'm just a young shooter straight up out the red dirt (blaow)/Smokin' Cali pack, I can't even smoke purp (oh no)/Used to trap out the nicks, sell chirp-chirp (brr, brr)."

21 Savage keeps things going in the second verse, showcasing his flow over the eerie beat. "VVSs on me bling blaow/We movin' silent, but the weed loud/Choppa kickin' like kung-pow," he raps. "Sprayin' bitches with that Ace of Spades/Hit 'em in the temple, pew, fade/Get some money, watch these niggas fade/Loso rollin' loaded, catch a play."

XXL caught up with Loso Loaded in 2017 when the "Woe Woe Woe" rapper was still gearing up to release a project. "I want to end up by 2017 making sure that my project is one of the biggest projects that dropped this year," he told as the time.

"I just want to accomplish the top level of stuff. If I drop a mixtape, I want it to go global. If I drop a song I want it to go global, you feel me?" Loso added. "If I do a dance I want it to go global. I just want to take over period—the streets, internet, the game, the business, everything."

Listen to "Never Seen" below.

Bases Loaded Records
Bases Loaded Records

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