Lorde called Kanye West her "hero" and "idol" in an interview conducted by Billboard. When talking about Kanye West's remixing of her new song "Yellow Flicker Beat," which will be on Lorde's Hunger Games soundtrack, she stated that she actually had to cold-call Kanye to remix the track. This wasn't an easy task for the New Zealand-bred songstress, because according to her, she is "the worst person ever at talking to people I don't know on the phone," adding that she "can't even order pizza." She also said "I would put off calling him. I'd say, its 12:57, I'll do it at 1." The article goes on to state that Lorde and 'Ye ended up hanging out in a Malibu studio, where they eventually ended up making the track, confirming rumors that we previously reported that a 'Ye and Lorde collab was in the works.


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