London rapper DVS has been sentenced to 23 years in jail for torturing a woman in a horrific, three-day incident.

The MC, whose real name is Courtney Hutchinson, force-fed and burnt the 20-year-old woman before beating and raping her, according to Evening Standard. DVS kept the woman prisoner in his home for three days, throughout which he also made her take burning showers and told her she would die.

The victim managed to escape from DVS' house, and the rapper chased her naked into the street. A member of the public found the woman before she was harmed even more.

As if that wasn't horrible enough, it turns out that DVS recently appeared in a film called The Intent, released in July 2016. In the gangster flick, the rapper plays a character who burns someone with a hot iron - the same form of torture he used on the real-life victim.

According to Evening Standard, Hutchinson's attack left the victim with 40 injuries, including a fractured eye socket, broken nose, dislocated shoulder, stab wound and severe burns. At one point, DVS told the woman she would die the next day and told her to call her mother to "say goodbye."

DVS was arrested in February 2016. On Monday (Jan. 9), he received 23 years in prison during his sentencing at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London.

After the sentence, Detective Sergeant Jimi Tele of Newham Police said, "Courtney Hutchinson subjected his victim to the most shocking and repeated levels of violence. The level of violence he inflicted was so severe it demonstrated his total disregard for the victim as a human being, subjecting her to levels of callousness and danger that are rarely seen. I would like to praise the bravery and determination of the victim of this truly harrowing ordeal."

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