LNDN DRGS collaborated with A$AP Yams for the 2014 banger "Uza Trikk." Now, the duo of Sean House and Jay Worthy release a full EP dedicated to the late Yams, titled P on the DRGS.

Sean House handles the EP's production alongside A$AP Mob's P On The Boards. Meanwhile, Jay Worthy provides vocals on the seven-track project, which contains guest features from Earl Swavey, $ha Hef, G Perico and Aston Matthews. You can stream P on the DRGS above via SoundCloud.

Jay Worthy has even more heat on the way, as he's slated to drop a project with G Perico and Cardo later this year via Fool's Gold. They dropped the first single from that project, "I Ain't Trippin,'" back in June 2016. On "I Ain't Trippin,'" Worthy spits, “I said bitch... go get me some ribs/Put your feet in them heels and go sit your ass on Fig.”

In case you missed it, XXL interviewed LNDN DRGS back in Oct. 2016 for The Break. When asked about their goal in hip-hop, Jay Worthy responded, “I want to keep making music that I love and that I’m happy with and travel the world with my friends and the people that I love. That’s it for me. All I want to do is travel around the world and do music.”

Meanwhile, Sean House replied, “Having something that represent us, making unique music, something that’s personal to us that reflects what we’re on. As far as objective as where we want to go.”

As aforementioned, you can stream P on the DRGS above on SoundCloud.

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