Lloyd Banks was always the softer spoken member of G-Unit, but he was also the most quick-witted, earning the Punch Line King title early on in his career. But when G-Unit disbanded, he largely took a step back from the music scene, slowly trying to forge his own way without 50 Cent's guiding hand. Now that G-Unit is back again, the crew's youngest original member is back in peak form, flipping wordplay that recaptures the elasticity and fluidity of his first mixtapes. As part XXL's our G-Unit cover story, check out our video directed by Kellen Dengler and edited by Riley Dengler of Lloyd Banks as he talks about the feeling in the studio with the guys back around, working out of Fif's Connecticut mansion and the energy that has returned with the Unit all back in one place.

Check out both parts of our G-Unit roundtable below.