Lloyd Banks isn't retiring, folks. The rapper made it very clear on Twitter Friday night (March 16) that he's not retiring from rap by using a video clip of retired wrestler Ric Flair to speak for him. "I have to announce to you that I will never retire," Flair yells in the video.

The rapper also included a tweet bashing the music industry for reporting on a retirement that never was. "Just goes to show you what a mess the industry has become..they’ll rather cover everything that happens around the music..than the actual music itself..I hope all these outlets support me when I drop..have a good day," he tweeted.


Even though he keeps himself out of the public eye for the most part, Lloyd Banks has been consistently dropping off hardcore rhymes and verses for nearly two decades that has earned him a very loyal fan base. His recent tweets on Friday (March 16), however, hint at him possibly retiring from the rap game, and his supporters are freaking out.

The G-Unit member tweets his appreciation for the artists that came before him in hip-hop, and thanks those that have been supporting him since his humble beginnings.

"I fell in love with Hip Hop over 25 years ago," he writes. "It was that thing I turned to during good times and bad..just wanna say thank you to the artist B4 me that inspired me..and send my appreciation to everyone that supported me till this day THANK YOU!!"

Banks' next tweet has fans in a frenzy, with many believing it to be the New York native's announcement of his retirement.

"With that being said..I think it’s time to lay it down," he continues.

It's hard to figure out whether Banks is implying that he is going into the booth in the studio to lay down some new rhymes, or if he means that he'll be laying down his career to retire completely. Hopefully he can provide some clarification in the near future.

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